Stacking eggs?
As easy as breaking an egg!

Stacking and processing eggs and pallets efficiently.

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Stacking eggs?
As easy as breaking an egg!

Stacking and processing eggs and pallets efficiently.

Discover our machines

Intelligent machines
for poultry farmers

Kletec robots help you with the processing of eggs. Stacking and palletising of eggs becomes easy with our reliable and complete systems. Our goal is to ease your work load so you do not have to carry out unnecessary physical work. It goes without saying, that we will give personal advice in order to meet your requirements. Our professionals will work with you on the best automation solution for your situation. This makes egg processing as easy as breaking an egg!

Personal advice

Kletec’s machines make your work lighter and more comfortable. Without taking up unnecessary space. Do you have a question about Kletec’s machines or are you interested in a demo? We're ready to assist you.

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Our customers
choose Kletec

Customers appreciate our experience and targeted approach. Every machine is custom made, tailored to your specific situation.

  • eenvoudige-bediening

    Easy operation

    Very easy, no need for a manual

  • Suitable for every location

    Custom work: optimal use of available meters

  • cog

    Maintenance-free & no malfunctions

    No malfunctions for 98% of our machines

Dutch innovation
active throughout the world

Kletec, which has its office in Barneveld, is currently active in more than 35 countries around the world. Customers appreciate our no-nonsense approach and prompt service. Our machines are almost always functional and we can repair any malfunctions quickly, also outside the Netherlands. We work with reliable local parties.

We understand that your business needs to be up and running continuously. Kletec’s machines and service are designed to assist your company in this and ensure that the machines are continuously operational. Thus, your return will remain at the desired level and the machine is not a limiting factor in your production.

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The ANT20 is a very safe machine. An alarm will trigger if something suspicious is happening.

Inge van der Wiele - Inge van der Wiele, Beveren (Belgium)

The machine never fails and saves us 2 hours per day. I do not even have to calculate whether the machine earns itself back, you can see that immediately! The cooperation with Kletec was according to plan and schedule: compliments!

Erik ter Maaten - Scherpenzeel

The machine occupies a small amount of space and is simple in its set-up. It is easy to work with the machine and it comes at a good price. Wonderful!

Wim - Wim, Meer (Belgium)

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