ANT34 Depalletiser

Introducing Kletec's solution tailored for heavy, repetitive tasks within small and medium-sized packing stations and the egg processing industry. Designed with precision to handle up to 90,000 eggs per hour, the ANT34 is engineered to thrive even in humid environments. This high-quality robot operates seamlessly, offering a testament to the accessibility of high-quality automation for all industry entrepreneurs.

Are you operating a medium-sized packing station processing up to 90,000 eggs per hour? Look no further than the ANT34 Depalletiser, the perfect complement to your egg grading machine.

  • Capable of processing up to 90,000 eggs per hour (or 250 CPH)
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen interface
  • Automatic infeed of full pallets with two buffer positions
  • Scan function for precise pattern recognition of stacks on the pallet
  • Accurate scan of divider positions for flawless stack recording
  • Automated centering of dividers during stack pickup
  • Sturdy conveyor belt ensuring stability
  • Compatible with all egg grading machines available on the market
  • Automatic height detection of pallets and divider stacks